This is a music video I made for the song Pieces by Red, using the Halo 4 ending cinematic.

Hang on to your feels, people.

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If ANYONE is interested intoSoul Calibur,then theSoul Calibur Roleplaying Groupis perfect for you!

Come play as your favorite Soul Calibur character! It will be lots of fun.

Yes, I did make the group. Any questions; you can ask me on here, or the roleplaying group blog. Thank youu c:

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Hilde: Soul Calibur IV & V


“Me? A servant?!”


He’s so hot, you can’t deny it.





Ruffles and Amy

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Click through for a (.rar of a very) unfinished Soul Calibur comic that gives a good example of how I (sometimes) write and pace comics in planning stages.

For me… image and dialogue are so inexplicably intertwined as I imagine them that it’s very difficult for me to write without both, giving birth to this weird sort of process.

Anyway… Around last year I wrote some one-sided Raphael/Siegfried slash that supposedly takes place at the end of Soul Calibur 4, when the Soul Blade is destroyed after Hilde defeats Algol at the top of the Tower of Remembrance.
Siegfried leaves, wandering for a purpose, I guess, and is captured by Raphael for whatever reason. He keeps him in his castle against his will, claiming that Siegfried owes him for “saving his life” at the end of Soul Calibur 2 (when Raphael struck through the Soul Blade, releasing Siegfried from Nightmare).

It’s just an excuse to torture Siegfried via somebody coming onto him and for mucho fucking comedy, but it was really fun to write. Prepare for super dry french jokes. And a GaoGaiGar reference.

Oh yeah, Raphael being a vampire is still ridiculous. I’ve never felt differently about that.